As soon as a domain name was chosen in a web project, it’s time to save it. To do this, we need a registry office, a simple mission to perform as this article should help you with any problem.

What is a registry office?

The universe of the web has its peculiarities and registrars are part of. Under this name or registrar” actually hides a claimant who plays an important role since it is he who registers the domain name.

Real intermediate between a web project manager and the ICANN, the registration office will take care of everything so that his client could have the domain name desired .fr .re, .yt, .pm, .wf, .tf. For another extension, it will choose a registrar accredited by the authority responsible for its management. Follow as well as this link so you can find domain registration information.

Perfect connoisseur of the sector, the registrar will actually conduct the administrative and technical steps necessary so that the domain name is registered and configured to be ready for your web site.


Where to find a registry office?

To find a registry office, nothing complicated since it is enough to visit the site authority in charge of the management of domain names with the desired extension.

Thus, a .uk domain name, to go to the site of the ICANN and use the search engine provided for this purpose in the registry offices directory. To take advantage of a registrar that will perfectly meet the needs of the web project manager, it is possible to Select the associated services that must provide the registration office. A few examples:

-hosting web sites on servers

-the strengthening of the Security of your domain name

-the eventual negotiation to acquire a domain name already registered by another individual

-assistance on a daily basis for the management of the domain name

Depending on the selected services, a list of the registrars will be proposed. More than will continue to study the prices charged by each to choose the one offering the best quality-price ratio.