You can file a complaint with respect to a .name domain, email address and/or
Defensive Registration under one of two policies:

ERDRP: You should file a complaint under the ERDRP if you think that a
previously registered .name domain, email address, or a Defensive
Registration does not meet the .name Eligibility Requirements.
UDRP: You should file a complaint under the UDRP if you own a trademark
and can assert that (1) a .name domain or email is identical or confusingly
similar to your trademark or service mark, (2) the current registrant has no
rights or legitimate interests to the .name, AND (3) the .name has been
registered and is being used in bad faith.
All registrars accredited by ICANN and authorized to register .name registrations
with Global Name Registry follow, and also mandate that their customers follow,
the ERDRP and the UDRP.

How do I initiate an ERDRP dispute?

First of all, here you can find out more about ERDRP.

If you wish to challenge a .name domain, email address and/or a Defensive
Registration, you should file a complaint with an approved dispute resolution
provider (a “Provider”).

Currently, WIPO ( and
the National Arbitration Forum ( are the only two Providers
available to adjudicate in ERDRP disputes. If you follow the links through to each of
the Provider’s sites, you will find the information you will need to file
a complaint under the ERDRP, including applicable filing fees and a form of
the complaint.
If you need further guidance or have specific questions pertaining to the
ERDRP, please contact your registrar.

Once you file a complaint, your Provider will then take care of administering
the proceeding and will do what it can to ensure that your complaint reaches
the current registrant (known in the context of a dispute as a “respondent”).
Note that the Provider will only forward your complaint to the respondent if your
complaint complies with the instructions set forth in the ERDRP Rules as well as
the Provider’s supplemental rules; if your complaint does not so comply, the
Provider will notify you and allow you five (5) days to correct your complaint.

If you are filing a complaint in respect of a Defensive Registration, please ensure
that you include ALL Defensive Registrants that might otherwise block your
desired name. Your complaint will prevail only if you have named all relevant
Defensive Registrations. The information you need can be found in the Whois
directory of Global Name Registry (use the search tool at the top of the page).

Please refer to the ERDRP, the ERDRP Rules and the applicable Provider’s
supplemental rules.

What about a UDRP dispute?

You can read complete information about the UDRP at UDRP. Refer to the Web
sites of Providers accredited to resolve disputes under the UDRP at UDRP Providers.